Bespoke Training

Our corporate training programmes help build a cohesive team of mid to top level senior employees whose management development is recognized and respected, globally.

Bespoke training

Corporate courses are very effective, but they do not cater for all company needs. We will work with you to conduct an internal survey concerning the performance of your company to identify where shortage of skills is and jointly formulate a training solution to address it directly.

At Solid-Link Research and Training, we have vast experience in designing and conducting bespoke training courses. Based on your brand and the need of your organisation. We can tailor a programme to fit with your needs and the level of experience of your team members.

Our training options include a combination of full day, half day, and can be stand-alone workshops and seminars. 

Training in these areas:


Organisation Diversity Management

Strategy and Innovation

Management Skills and Development

Business and Finance

Office Administration

Project Management/Lean Processes


Information Technology

Oil and Gas

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